Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Baccalaureate 2008

We have just finished correcting the English Baccalaureate papers, and I'd like to congratulate all the teachers of English who have participated in the correction phase on their excellent work.Let me wish you 'NICE HOLIDAYS'.


Dallal Sarnou said...

Hello dear colleagues,
Though so happy I am to live a unique experience, that of correcting the BAC exam papers, so sad I am that this experience is over!! What beautiful moments and what modest sweet colleagues I came across with!!
I needed to write something to get rid of that sad feeling, here is a kind of acrosic poem for you dear colleagues, my solid support, mainly dear Mr. Louznadji whom I owe a lot

Towards light you do guide me
Empty hands you turn full of bounty
Angel-like faces you dearest you to me
Chance I thank GOD for eternally
Either far or near with you I'm so happy
Rhymes of sacrifice you sing faithfully
Spirit of the team you make me adopt endlessly


Anonymous said...

I do not have any comments to make; however, I just want to wish our future university students an everlasting luck.

Anonymous said...

Though there's so much to say about how much the correctors suffered this year, I would advise them to forget about the physical pain and keep in mind the invaluable lot of experience every one of us went through. It would also be useful to remind the colleagues that before making any comment about bac papers we should enquire about the circumstances in which these papers were devised.Let's remember that it is not so easy to ride two horses at a time; the new horse not even being tamed yet

Miss Dalal Sarnou said...

I just want to say that this year's Baccalaureate exam papers correction was of a unique "taste"; not because it was the first time for me to do such a work, but because it was a precious chance for me to get in touch with new colleagues.
But above this, I want to make a little comment on that 'business' of two exam papers! In fact, I think one exam paper that is appropriate, relatively easy for all the students, with an interesting text and easy vocabulary would serve much more than two exam papers.
Let me just say something true about our students, and mainly those of this year; they were first so stressed because of being the first "victims" on which the type of the new exam was undertaken, and then frankly speaking our young learners are not really well-trained to be responsible enough to choose for themselves, but I think with the new reform and the new way of teacher-learner partnership surely our learners will get rid of this lack of self-responsibility.
Wish you all dear colleagues happy summer holidays!

Miss Mezough said...

I totally agree with my colleagues who have posted their comments, but there is always a beginning to everything.
It is the fourth time I contribute to the correction of the Baccalaureate exam, and every year there is something new; this year is really special, Besides two papers for each candidate, I felt that I was in a training course. Since the beginning of the educational reform, we have undergone a variety of Teacher Professional Development Courses that started at the Crossroads of the CBA and ICT, Getting Through the Project Based Pedagogy that led us to New Prospects through Assessment for Learning. On june 21st, 2008, we all met at the correction of the Baccalureate exam -"The Summative Assessment"- as if we had an appointment after three years of hard work. Didn't you notice that we didn't just correct the papers ? we started working in groups of four, we exchanged ideas, and that gave us more confidence to start a pack two days later. We kept on asking colleagues and giving our opinion, we worked in a collaborative atmosphere. And we all had help whenever we needed it. I also discovered and learned a lot from colleagues . So I care to thank all the colleagues without exception as well as our Inspector, Mr.Louznadji who allowed us such a wonderful learning environment as usual.
I wish you all nice holidays and enough rest because we all deserve it.
I wish we will meet again.

Anonymous said...

While reading some rubrics, I was attracted by Bac 2008. First, it's an excellent idea to give teachers the opportunity to express themselves, but I think you have forgotten those who were sacked! I can't understand how teachers had been selected. On which criteria? Does it mean that exprerienced teachers are no longer needed?
When reading the comments, I felt that teachers had had a new experience while correcting two subjects and the atmosphere was relaxing. I Wish I could......
Anyway, nice holiday.

louznadji said...

We are pleased to see that you are interested in reading eltalgeria teaching materials and contributing comments to Baccalaureate 2008 rubric.
Make sure, dear colleague, that every teacher is needed in the correction of the Baccalaureate exam because summative assessment is an opportunity that helps teachers assess the teaching process and improve both their social skills and existing knowledge when working with other colleagues.
Hoping to see those who have not been notified in the next Baccalaureate exam.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that there were “hidden hands” during the selection of the correctors; how can you explain that trainee teachers were selected, while long-experienced ones were not ??!!... I know that inspectors don't select the correctors anymore (at least here in my wilaya) it's headmasters who suggest the list of correctors ... this is amazing, who knows teachers best ?!

Dear inspector Louznadji this is a fact