Monday, March 24, 2008

The School of Life

The school of Life movie is a really inthraling story that tells not only about the teaching system in the United States of America, but it teaches us as simple viewers how to be tolerant and caring towards others pain through actions that are performed by witty spirited characters. In fact there is a strong concern issue within the movie something which pushes one to wonder whether teaching itself could be positively beneficial for students, tomorrow citizens, when the traditional procedure is used or the modern one while teaching, and does the teacher's age really matter?

The School of Life Review

Two different speeches about education were given by two teachers from different generations but they have the same meaning; to believe in miracles is to believe that we don’t have limitations as far as knowledge is concerned. Education is not a set of rules; Mr.Norman considers it as fantasy while Mr.D describes it as fiction. Mr.Norman said: “There is one thing that even old age can’t take away, and that is the gift of teaching, the miracles that we see everyday in the eyes of those who open your minds to the world of knowledge.”
“Education is truly a hero’s journey. To go to school is like the Star Wars movie… We need to get ready to go to a battle against the evil empire, now the evil empire is not our school, our parents or even a question of a meal in a cafeteria, the evil empire is a belief, it is believing that we have limitations, you don’t.”, Said Mr.D
The film seems to compare the young teacher and the old one, the traditional and the modern methods of teaching; we get involved in Mr.Matt’s jealousy, and the open mindedness of the young man, but if we remember Mr.Norman’s sentence before his death: “ There is one thing that even old age can’t take away, and that is the gift of teaching” then this man appears in a photo with Michael as a member of the young teachers’ club, we should not understand that Mr.D is a young , cool teacher who has been so appreciated by students because he was applying new methods, we had, indeed “the privilege of knowing a young man so empowered by the spirit of knowledge that he invites miracles” as Mr.Norman wrote 15 years before.In the meantime, this young man had the privilege of being taught by this gifted teacher, and 15 years later he said: “Mr. Norman was my master, the greatest lesson he taught me was that I was my own teacher and I was my own master. And what I hope to teach to all of you is to not worry about what you are doing because it doesn’t matter, worry about who you are being.”

Saturday, March 22, 2008

ICT Use in the Classroom

Each day brings new examples of how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is reshaping the lives of people around the world. To one degree or another, the digital revolution has arrived in just about every corner of our country.
The promotion of ICT use in Algerian secondary schools started in 2004. Such use has become a statuary requirement with the introduction of the Competency-based approach (CBA). So, most schools are equipped with data-logging equipment and have at least one computer room.
Coping with the change, many teachers are getting involved since the use of ICT facilitates their job, makes their lessons more efficient, frees them from paperwork and gives students a better learning experience…
Can you tell us about your experience with the use of ICT in your classes and how it has contributed to the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Project Pedagogy

·A project is a creative way for learners to apply the language they have learned in class.

·In the project, learners choose what they want to do and how to do it.

·They show their capacities when demonstrating that they have mastered the objectives assigned.

·A project pedagogy makes new needs emerge continuously.

.It implies disciplinary and extra disciplinary types of knowledge.

·A project is a divided and complementary task where students learn how to work in groups, how to cooperate and how to feel that they can do something.
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The Project Pedagogy Rubric

Monday, March 03, 2008

Teachers' Questions

ELTAlgeria will be pleased to share teachers' worries and respond to their needs; as it is said:"A problem shared is a problem halved"
So please don't hesitate to share with your colleagues through this website and blog.
Our target is the learner, and our mission is a better education for the future generation.