Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to ELTAlgeria

Challenges- Sharing - Improvement

- Invitation

Eltalgeria is a newly created educational website, which has just been launched this year 2008. It is open to all educators who want to share and improve their existing knowledge and capacities. You are invited to visit eltalgeria website and discover its rubrics which include:official documents, ELT articles, teachers portfolio, teaching materials, publications,question of the month, teaching quotes as well as songs and poems for teaching. You are not only invited to visit eltalgeria and give your first impressions to help us improve, but also contribute teaching materials to keep the ball rolling on the right track. Make sure that your membership is our strength, your contribution is our hope and your cooperation is our faith to our noble mission.
You can see the site here:
Please be sure to share this invitation with any educator who believes in our principles. We believe that "The future belongs to educators who dare"