Saturday, March 22, 2008

ICT Use in the Classroom

Each day brings new examples of how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is reshaping the lives of people around the world. To one degree or another, the digital revolution has arrived in just about every corner of our country.
The promotion of ICT use in Algerian secondary schools started in 2004. Such use has become a statuary requirement with the introduction of the Competency-based approach (CBA). So, most schools are equipped with data-logging equipment and have at least one computer room.
Coping with the change, many teachers are getting involved since the use of ICT facilitates their job, makes their lessons more efficient, frees them from paperwork and gives students a better learning experience…
Can you tell us about your experience with the use of ICT in your classes and how it has contributed to the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process?


Anonymous said...

As a teacher of English, using ICTs in my classroom has helped my students a lot in terms of illustration as well as timing.
ICT use is really very beneficial . First, it helps my students engage in various activities and prepare them for the world of work.In addition to that, it gives me the opportunity to inject them with the love of research and creativity. Moreover, it saves time and chases away that burden on teachers such as : using chalk, drawing pictures.....etc .Finally, it makes my students in connection with the world of technology such as : being good at the use of the computer and surfing through the internet.

Anonymous said...

Three years ago, I didn't know how to use a computer. I considered myself as 'Illiterate' in computing. Honestly speaking, I thought it was useless and too late to deal with computers since a computer meant for me 'Internet' and at that time I used to say to myself (what a shame!) "what shall
I need the internet for?"
Now the internet is at home.
I was totally wrong.Everything happened during a seminar (December 2005, orgonized by our inspector to whom I say thank you very much).In this seminar,I discovered a new magic world : CBA was introduced via ICTs. So ICT has become of great necessity. Since then, I bought a computer and I have been learning and using ICTs. I can say that it has become a challenge.
As we all know, today most if not all of our students manipulate computers, ICT use in class has become important, required and very important. The internet is very helpful, it is a source of different materials needed to achieve our learning objectives.We can have access to videos, images, dfferent data...
Finally, as far as I am concerned, I do believe that using ICTs is less tiring than using the blackboard and chalk. ICT is of great help to teachers in preparing and presenting lessons as to learners in preparing and presenting their projects.

Anonymous said...

" Sir can we have some more time before we present our project?" a request came to me from my 2AS students. When I asked the group for the reason. I was told that it was a surprise.Three days later, I had a datashow project presentation for the first time in one of my classes. I was really amazed and felt weak because my students got the interesting idea to use ICT.
"Hey, you are not living your students' age? Shame on you?" I said to myself. Though it was the first time for all of us ( my students got help from outside of course), it was well presented with the participation of each member of the group. Honestly, I felt proud of my students, proud of their initiative, proud of taking risks, proud of their new learning style. I felt also proud of them because I learnt something new and got rid of that kind of fear or may be reluctance of the use of ICTs in my classes.
The following week, I entered that class with the school laptop and a datashow device. A clip of Samy Yusuf with printed handouts Lyrics IT WAS A FANTASTIC session that all the class started yelling " please sir, we want our courses like this", " I promise you to do my best",I replied.