Monday, March 03, 2008

Teachers' Questions

ELTAlgeria will be pleased to share teachers' worries and respond to their needs; as it is said:"A problem shared is a problem halved"
So please don't hesitate to share with your colleagues through this website and blog.
Our target is the learner, and our mission is a better education for the future generation.


Ms.Zohra said...

I'm a teacher of English and I worry about my dear pupils who will sit for the BAC exam this year.They are in scientific stream class. My worry is about writing because till now I have no clear idea on the instuction I should use . So please help!

ELTAlgeria said...

Dear Colleague,
Thank you for your interest to our website, as we appreciate your care for your pupils.
There is no need to worry, since this website has been designed for the benefit of educators in general, and teachers of English in particular.
Visit our website again and click on Bac 2008 link on the front page of the web or visit the rubric "Teaching Materials" then click on the sentence "Get ready for Bac 2008", you will find BAC samples for different streams and themes.
Don't hesitate to keep in touch for any further details or requests.
We wish you good luck with your dear pupils.

Anonymous said...

Hello,thank you very much for your kind reply with the samples bac2008

Miss Boukhiar said...

Admitting that teachers in Algeria are at the crossroads, nothing seems better for them than setting their minds to be on time in choosing the right common path.Once there, ELT Algeria could be one of the useful lanterns to enlighten our path. Through it, casting light on our past experiences and looking forward to reach common goals would be a safer decision and initiative for our well-doing in class and in life even. Reflecting together upon every culmination in that flow would certainly help all of us improve our teaching strategies accordingly. Ultimately, instead of relying on self-assessment as the only basis for our progress, interactive methods of evaluation on the part of our partners would certainly trigger out a better feedback. I personally believe that this is the only way to bring teaching safe ashore.

Z. Fafa said...

Hi every body,
In our village,there is a lot of violence against teachers - "pupils use violence"-.I'm always wondering why? Is it a question of education or the teacher him/herself is responsible of this violence? How can we avoid this problem?
Z. Fafa

ELTAlgeria said...

It grieves me to hear or read of cases where teachers were or are being verbally or physically abused at school for reasons concerning their function as educators.
Violence against teachers is on the increase in our coutry. It's a sign of our times and societies, unfortunately. Violence is everywhere. The generation of our students today,has grown in a climate of violence. So are they responsible of their acts? They express themselves violently because everybody is doing so outside ( at home, in the neighbourhood, in the society) Who is to blame, then?
Parents are the first teachers, aren't they? They should instill values. It's their responsibility to teach respect, values and discipline, otherwise teachers won't be protected from verbal and physical abuse.
Teachers are sometimes assaulted by pupils and faced a climate of intimidation and threats because there are limited sanctions against troublemakers. The professional role of teachers, on the other hand, has been diminished over the years, and what makes matters worse, is that these teachers have no support , neither from the administration nor the parents!!
What to do, then?
Education is the answer ( at home, at school and in every institution that can help)
Communication is the key ( between parents and children, students and teachers, teachers and parents .....)
Special training courses on the theme of disciplne are recommended. In these training courses, teachers are given tips that help them avoid being assaulted or being responsible of students misbehaviour.
Extra activities for students and teachers are recommended(projectwork, sports, Arts...)
Meetings between teachers, parents and students are also recommended
A patient, positive and self-controlled teacher is the one who can succeed in such situations ( YOU CAN CATCH MORE FLIES WITH HONEY, I may conclude)
Many things should be done before blaming anyone...