Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reform in Education: A Challenge

The world is witnessing a great change as we are living in the information age. A country that doesn’t cope with this change could be left behind if it does not modernize the education system. This information age will not only allow stakeholders to prepare a knowledgeable and well-trained workforce, but form the good citizens as well.
So, reform in education is vital as it plays a central role in the development of a society. Education is critical to a nation’s growth because it develops the minds of the young to be useful citizens. It must include teaching the young how to think for themselves and to have confidence in their knowledge, and how to be tolerant and open-minded. These students are to be accompanied with highly motivated teachers who are well-versed in communication. These teachers must be kept abreast with new teaching methodologies through research, self-education, training and continued learning, which become integral parts of the school reform.
One has to be aware that reform in education is not an easy task; it is, however, a long-term process that requires focused objectives, perseverance in their implementation and the application of the knowledge gained from the experience of others, if necessary. There is no shame to incorporate foreign practices if the benefit is resulted from it.
There is also no shame if weaknesses are discovered. It is, I believe, a sign of strength to admit that three or four years of school reform have not achieved the assigned objectives. In this situation, one has to consider critics and reports to learn how to implement the reform in the most efficient way involving the contribution of the experts in the field. In collaboration, these experts will revise and update the teaching-learning materials. Any problem in the school reform needs to be remedied starting at the very beginning, particularly when it relates to the future of a nation.
It is imperative for a nation, trying to implement a school reform, to learn from these significant lessons in order to pave the way for the new generation to reach the dream of a better future and contribute to modern civilization.