Monday, March 24, 2008

The School of Life

The school of Life movie is a really inthraling story that tells not only about the teaching system in the United States of America, but it teaches us as simple viewers how to be tolerant and caring towards others pain through actions that are performed by witty spirited characters. In fact there is a strong concern issue within the movie something which pushes one to wonder whether teaching itself could be positively beneficial for students, tomorrow citizens, when the traditional procedure is used or the modern one while teaching, and does the teacher's age really matter?


Anonymous said...

I find the film amazing and I think that MR.D is clever enough to make himself alive while being dead. Moreover, being dead has nothing to do with being under the ground, for there are many people who live for the sake of living. As he started his project he knew that it would last forever and over generations. He based his assumption on the fact that what is adorable is always desired. I which I can do what he did.

Anonymous said...

This movie is about the role of a teacher at school and even beyond it and the real example is DEAngelo "Mr D", a lovely teacher that every body appreciated since he was very affective. Though he was sick, he didn’t care about his illness and tried to do his job in such a flexible way, he was a creative teacher, that's why his students loved his classes and also his way of teaching, we notice that at the end Mr.D died but he remained in his student's mind . Finally one could say that a teacher should be human and affective so I appreciate the role of Mr. D and I will do my best to be like him.""why not!"
NOTE: in the movie we noticed the application of the competency based approach "all what we have seen in the semester"

Anonymous said...

Mr.D brought a big change in his school and what is more important is that the change was in a short time, from the first day everybody loved him; unlike Mr.Matt: although he is an not a new teacher there no one listens to him simply because Mr.D was a human before being a teacher he was friendly with his student and facilitated everything for them, he was really excellent because the change that he made was not only on his students but also on his colleagues and even with his neighbours he was a good citizen who built good citizens. He indirectly taught Mr.Matt how to be a good teacher although he was supposed to be like his father ; Mr.D died but stayed alive because what he achieved was not out of blue even after his death everybody remembered what he said and what he did.
By the way I wanted to say all that in the class but I was blocked because !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Teaching is basically considered as being the corner stone that launches any given societal system world wide; then it lasts since so many generations and contributes to improve people intellectual skills, no matter how, most importantly it merely does in the end.

Teaching as a profession is human above all, any respectful teacher is human, then he manages in building responsible students who learn how to tackle various issues together, teachers make every element coherent in the classroom and even outside, they succeed in pushing all students gain self confidence, then each individual has got something to contribute, a teacher could be young or old this does not constitute a real question to take into consideration, the challenge is rather to break routine without transgressing administrative rules, one has to constantly keep on refreshing students’minds about such or such topics when being a teacher, and there should be a sort of mutual efforts combination so as to keep making things interesting.

Indeed, teaching requires from one to help others express their willingness and passion in any field, any good teacher should make it impartial and be unbiased in what they teach including morals and principles within education so as to achieve a great deal in terms of behaviour before the year is over, students could benefit from teachers’ help whenever they are in dilemmas, and teachers should not stick to their social status (neither by looking for fame or by trying to impress colleagues), but rather to give the best of their beings and be completely devoted to their job.

Anonymous said...

I was really affected by the movie, it has increased my desire to learn and teach in my long career. In fact, it has made me aware that everybody is useful if only he or she could be a Role Model for both teachers and students. Firstly I was surprised to discover that a teacher could remarkably be able to change his students’ whole life, and that Mr."D" had given his students self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment, he provided them with readiness, advice and a fine ear, then he helped them overcome their fears and discover their hidden will and strength as he guided them on a new highway that had led them to a new undiscovered world and life.
Finally, I find in the CBA a great interest and future, that every teacher could provide his students with new expectations, different skills and lifelong goals. I personally felt that the movie has shaped my virtual ability to make a difference, and that since the beginning of this year, something has strengthened my need of improvement and built a new vision of the world that had been possible only after attending TEFL courses.

by Fouth year student-teacher.

ELTAlgeria said...

I am very pleased to read your very interesting comments, and learn from them. Your way of reflecting on the film is remarkable. My hope is to see you one day expressing yourselves as educators who seek for the true development of the kids. My hope is to give you the splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations. May our wishes come true for the sake of education. Keep up the good work to build up your nation...

Anonymous said...

I have been impressed by The School of Life movie and I learned a lot form it. Through the young teacher Mr.D we discover what type of teacher Mr.Norman was when he was young. If you watch the film again, you will notice that he didn't impress his student in class only but he made him love teaching through the club of young teachers. As he said when Mr.D was still a pupil: "I had the privilege of knowing a young man so empowered by the spirit of knowledge that he invites miracles” then at the end of his carreer he said: “There is one thing that even old age can’t take away, and that is the gift of teaching, the miracles that we see everyday in the eyes of those who open your minds to the world of knowledge.”

Though I never forgot it, I have recently realized that the teacher's age doesn't matter, indeed "Teachers don't get old, they watch their pupils growing up"

I had the opportunity to live Mr.D's experience: 14 years ago, I was one of the pupils who were invited to the laureates ceremony that was organized by young teachers of English. I was offered a pen, a book and a perfumed lamp that was a magic lamp for me, I felt I was given a torch and invited to follow a way to join those young devoted educators. On that day, I decided to become a teacher of English and I joined the group 8 years later , now I am working with them, I can tell you that they haven't changed, they are still dynamic and motivated, they have helped me so much to excel in my work. Everyday I learn something new from them, and it is thanks to them that I have achieved some valuable works with my students in class.

I care to tell the students who had the opportunity to see the film that they are lucky to learn all this now "I care to inform these students that one of the young teachers I met 14 years ago, is their teacher"Mr.louznadji”.

Becoming a teacher was a dream and I realized it simply because I " had the privilege of knowing young devoted educators so empowered by the spirit of knowledge that they invite miracles”

I wish you success .

A teacher from Oran