Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to ELTAlgeria

Challenges- Sharing - Improvement

- Invitation

Eltalgeria is a newly created educational website, which has just been launched this year 2008. It is open to all educators who want to share and improve their existing knowledge and capacities. You are invited to visit eltalgeria website and discover its rubrics which include:official documents, ELT articles, teachers portfolio, teaching materials, publications,question of the month, teaching quotes as well as songs and poems for teaching. You are not only invited to visit eltalgeria and give your first impressions to help us improve, but also contribute teaching materials to keep the ball rolling on the right track. Make sure that your membership is our strength, your contribution is our hope and your cooperation is our faith to our noble mission.
You can see the site here:
Please be sure to share this invitation with any educator who believes in our principles. We believe that "The future belongs to educators who dare"


Ziani said...

Good progess for the English language , I hope teachers of Arabic will do the same.
Thank you.
Ziani, Algeria

An Algerian Student said...

I like your website. It's splendid. I'm proud as a student to see that there are Algerian teachers who are thinking as professionals and who are helping each other. Thank you very much. It helps a lot.

Mrs.Belhandouz Amina said...

At last an ELT webiste ; so many teachrs have longed for especially in remote areas.
By exchanging teaching material via files and forums , ELT could help ELT teachers to share ideas and improve their teaching.
As ELT learners are involved in education why not create another sapce for the learner? Just an idea.

Wahiba said...

Salam alaikom , It's really so kind of you to have such a website of teaching information , I personnally find it quiet absorbing and interesting ,sorry to tell you that I have just known this website ,but make sure that I'll try to be as faithful as possible Incha Allah .
A special greeting from Mostaganem students of the English Department !!

Vance Stevens said...

Hi, it seems you have made a good start. Please join our group at, mailing list at

Also, for blogging, you can join the free session in progress at

Good luck with your project

Mrs.Louznadji said...

Great success for this educational achievement.
Keep up the good work!

Mrs.Matougui said...


ELTAlgeria said...

We thank you both for your impressions and proofreading.
This will certainly keep the web and blog active.

Anonymous said...

Mr. N. Bekkada
Simply, it would be of a
great benefit for all teachers who "desire" to develop in teaching the
language.It may also lead them- teachers- to appreciate and like their
job. Using this web site is a kind of the confident person
,who is always present for his/her friend in hard /difficult
Sure, we 'll enjoy teaching by surfing through your site. You are
making our working life funny.
Friendly,,frankly,respectfully yours.
Thanks a lot and congratulations to all your staff.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fridi,
One for all and all for one
will be the key

Yamina Serradj said...

This new birth will help teachers overcome some of the obstacles we may face during our professional carreers especially this wave of change. We should update our way of teaching in order to involve our kids in learning a foreign language. We need to meet in order to evoluate and distress. Thanks for all who participated in realizing this fabulous project. I took a long time to react but as it is said "Better late than Never" My regards to all those who taught me ie all my teachers(previous and present ones"

Anonymous said...

Miss N. Azzaz
I would like first to
thank you for the invitation, then to congratulate you for this decisive
attempt you have made for ELT. I can say that just the creation of the
website is itself a success to English teaching in Algeria.
As far as I am concerned, I have always learned from contact with
the outer world; the more I get in touch with other teachers, the more I
am inspired with new ideas of teaching teaching, and the more I do some
individual research -mainly on the web- the more I find it very easy
and pleasant to plan for my lessons; and thus the more my pupils
Therefore, I think that creating such a website in such "crucial"
conditions of the reform (some of us lost, others do not like change, and
others have great potentialities and a wide range of teaching ideas in
addition to a strong will to not find how, where and when to
exploit or share them...) may be a release for all of these categories
whatever be their constraints.
"eltalgeria" website thus will provide ample opportunities for us
to find answers for our enquiries, to share teaching ideas with
colleagues, to plan for future projects in teaching strategies, and may be more
important than all is the teacher's development this site can offer to
its users (the use of the web and ICT's). In one word, everybody is
going to be involved,
Imagine all Algerian teachers and may be foreigners were working in would our children learn and love the English
language? And what good citizens are we going to bring up?

Tedj GHOMRI said...

My happiness to discover that Algerian teachers finally have their own web site and can share their concerns, their experience, and contact one another is beyond measure.
I hope I will be given the opportunity to contribute my own articles on it.
Thank you indeed
Tedj GHOMRI from Bechar

ELTAlgeria said...

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments.
Make sure, Mr. Gomri, that eltalgeria is an open space for teachers' contributions. Your teaching articles are welcome.

ELTAlgeria said...

Eltalgeria thanks the Ministry of Education ( Inspection General ) for their letter of support and encouragement to all the members of eltalgeria website.

Jalila Boutlelis said...

I just want to thank all the teachers and those who were in charge of this website.This web is nicely designed, it is so kind of you to think of all the fields to involve students giving their points of view and ideas, at least this is a space where one would express himself freely and be critisized and assessed by other teachers.
Inchallah towards more and more prosperity.

An under-graduate student

Miss Belarbi said...

Very encouraging to hear about eltalgeria.This hopeful website that will be the open window to exchange information,teaching materials,and useful experiences. Best wishes to all the teachers of English.

Habba Mohamed said...

Hello everybody,

This pioneering initiative ''ELTAlgeria'' is an act of civilization that serves the future generation.
I attended 1998 Mostaganem meeting and I had the the privilege of meeting very engaged educators and inspectors: Mr. Bereksi, Mr. Bouziane, Mr.Ghazi... and many others who were very collaborative.
Mr. Louznadji was one of the supervising team members of that seminar held in the I.T.E of Mostaganem. Mr. Mustapha Louznadji was the remarkable initiator of a 'Daily Quiz' that created a warm athmosphere among the participants, that's why I believe it's not surprising to see him launching such ambitious project. I also thank him and the team for opening this space to English Language Teaching in Algeria without the distinction between Middle and Secondary Schools for they are simply complementary. This complementarity 'should' be more effective by bridging the gap: there are wide gaps between middle and secondary school teachers of English in Algeria. It is a fact that many of us tend to hide.
No doubt it is high time to think about ways of encouraging teachers to meet,discuss, share experiences,
new techniques,organise training sessions, and launch clubs...
Last summer, we attended the British Council Training Seminar in Setif which was successful and fruitful. One of the outcomes is the creation of a forum for Middle School teachers of English launched by a dynamic team under the supervision of Mr.Houari Mansouri.
Please feel free to visit this space and start the new link:

Thanks a lot for this new, clean and positive horizon. Thanks for your devotion to our children, school and beloved Algeria.

You will be rewarded for all what you are doing.

Habba Mohamed.
PEM: Ouled-Djellal.
W: Biskra.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody!

I just want to say that I am impressed by the content of your forum.

Very interesting contributions, with very interesting topics.

I wish you more success!!!

B.Khiat said...

" No, he must be joking ",I smiled and said to myself in a seminar last May as suddenly and with widened eyes I sat steadily to check whether I am dreaming or living reality with what I just heard while listening to my respected inspector talking about the birth of Eltalgeria . " Hey, wait! The man seems not kidding . he is saying good things about this new website; so why not ? my every day dream might have become true", I added.

The first occasion when connected the internet home , I skimmed my notebook for the eltalgeria website address and connected. Still I don’t think you are able to imagine how happy, pleased and astonished I was while having a tour inside its different corners. I came here many times as a visitor, but never thought of myself at the level to take a role in enriching this pot so that to feed my and others' minds and souls with sound knowledge. Few weeks ago , I started thinking seriously of taking the risk to adventure as I considered myself as a student of Mr Louznadji and as I knew that He will guide me towards the right path in case I get lost. Thank you so much for all the hard work achieved by everyone to continuously develop this interesting website. Thank you a second time for allowing me to share my experience with you.

Rabah Hamza said...

As a student of English, I feel very happy to see such progress in our country, it is a very important website which makes us always in touch, for me this site is like the family record book, whenever I need something I visit it.
Thank you for your efforts